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TRANSCODING see this page in ENG/FR/NL

2020 - 03.09/01.11

Part of

Brussels Gallery Weekend OFF

The term "transcoding" originates from the field of computers and more precisely from the conversion of one digital format to another. However, this terminology appears more and more in the cultural context as a new paradigm beyond common media theories. It addresses the issue of correspondence of signs which one medium operates within another.


We now draw with algorithm, copy/paste in paintings, think resolution in photography or sculpt in 3D… All illustrate transcoding of these two spheres - the cultural and the technological one. This isologic approach has been addressed in Fluxus and concept art by the term of intermedia and now emerges in form of transmedia. The exhibition explores the trans-lation/coding of signs in between different forms of expression as a possible reading of actual artistic production.


Manuel Abendroth

Els Vermang


Cory Arcangel
Gert Aertsen
Carl Andre
Matthew Biederman

Otto Berchem

Jane Benson

Alec De Busschère

Detanico & Lain

Lars Fredrikson

Pierre-Philippe Hofmann
Farah Khelil

Takahiro Kudo

Le Corbusier & Iannis Xenakis
Matan Mittwoch
Julie Morel
Joachim Olender

Jacob Riddle
Thomas Ruff

Karin Sander

Yann Sérandour

Venetian Snares
Hannah Weiner
Wennig & Daubach


Sun 06.09

11 am - 7 pm

2 pm - 6 pm

Brussel Gallery Weekend

Opening Reception

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